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After the eruption the area was evacuated from the region and the Peñaranda Quesada Family had to go live in “La Villa”; the area known today as Ciudad Quesada. After one year, the authorities permitted the return to the area and the family began to rebuild their farm, dedicated to milk production. Around 2004, several of the children began to dedicate portions of the land to tourism, as it had become an important activity in the region, by building several small hotels.   


Hotel Campo Verde opened its doors in 2005 with four beautiful cabins. Today the hotel has 11 cabins with a rustic design, located in the portion of the farmlands that offers the best view of the volcano and surrounding mountain range. This family owned hotel distinguished itself by its dedication to responsible sustainable tourism, and its personalized, quality service and attention to detail, making all the difference in our customer’s satisfaction.

Campo Verde Hotel  is located at the base of the Arenal Volcano in the area known as La Palma. The hotel is on the Peñaranda Quesada Farmland, which was formed by Mr. Carlos Peñaranda (deceased), his wife Soledad Quesada and their children. Mrs. Soledad Quesada is the daughter of Mr. Alberto “Beto” Quesada, considered in 1930 one of the founders of the town which was initially called El Burío Neighborhood, but due to the richness of its soils, the neighbors changed its name to La Fortuna. Beginning in the 1930’s and for decades to follow, the town’s founders hiked the mountain which was rumored to be a volcano, in order to try to verify the veracity of the rumors.

On July 29th, 1968, what was known as Mt. Arenal, reveled its irrefutable volcanic nature with an eruption of huge hot rocks, burning gases, and tons of ash. From this moment on, Arenal became the most important site for volcanic investigation in all of Costa Rica, and one of the most important in the world. 

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A strong commitment to the company is the rejection of the exploitation of human beings in any form, particularly sexual, especially when applied to minors, therefore, as company policy the contract is canceled with companies or people that somehow contribute, facilitate, promote or tolerate Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents.

Since 2012, we signed to the Code of Conduct which is a program that seeks to acquire companies committed against sexual comercial exploitation of children and  teens, including offering tourist services companies

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