Arenal Volcano
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Arenal Volcano Views

If you plan on hiking in Costa Rica, a visit to Arenal National Park is an absolute must to experience the breathtaking beauty of Central America's natural landscape. The park is home to the spectacular Arenal Volcano, this colossal landmark, set in the depth of a lush tropical rainforest, will leave you in a sense of awe as you bear witness to its perpetual stream of rising smoke and the flow of the crimson lava creeping from the precipice. Listen carefully and you will even hear the deep earth-shaking rumblings of this prehistoric titan. Many view-points tout their views of the volcano, and if you can spare the time while hiking in Costa Rica then an overnight stay is highly recommended. 

Smokes of Arenal Volcano

While you cannot hike to the highes points of the volcano itself, there are many tours offering you the chance to hike around the base and view this spectacular landmark from every perspective. 


El Parque Nacional Arenal es considerado como una zona de recarga acuífera, cuyas aguas drenan al Embalse Arenal para la utilización en la producción de energía hidroeléctrica y en los proyectos agropecuarios del Distrito de Riego de Moracia. En este Parque Nacioanal el principal atractivo es el Volcán Arenal,  con las explosiones ocurridas a partir de 1968 se formaron tres cráteres nuevos y activos. 

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