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Costa Rica. San Carlos, La Fortuna

Our Commitment To Sustainability

Since Hotel Campo Verde start the operation we got incorporated in the social and environmental responsibility as a business philosophy to ensure commitment to sustainable tourism Hotel Campo Verde is characterized by a high interest in preserving the natural environment, so firmly believes that its activities and daily operations with a sustainable management of the environment and the different factors is feasible and practicable, so it works and acts in the use of resources to ensure the least possible environmental impact.  We also strive to share this commitment through our partners and customers and we offer the following guidelines of behavior, with the desire to share with us the intention of preserving the biodiversity of our ecosystem.


Cultural contribution

Hotel Campo Verde has taken on a commitment to protect the historical and cultural heritage.


So, we do not participate in the sale, trafficking and exhibition of archaeological objects, but in the protection of local values and cultures as well as to support initiatives of conservation and development.

Environmental policies

Part of our commitment to the environment is to reduce and avoid unnecessary expenditure of resources, which is why we strive to disseminate this commitment through our partners and customers, therefore we offer the following guide behavior, with the desire to share with you the intention of preserving the biodiversity of our ecosystem.

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Planning your trip

Look for "green" hotels, accommodation whose objectives are to preserve the environment and reduce waste through sustainable tourism programs. Make your flight reservation with carbon neutral. Turn off and unplug all appliances in your home to avoid unnecessary costs of electricity and water while not found.

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While traveling

Use electronic tickets for your airline flights. If you choose to rent a car companies look for programs that meet carbon neutral.

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While in the destination

Turn off all lights and appliances, and lower the heat or A / C, when leaving your room. Take short showers and turn off the water when brushing your teeth. Reuse your towels and bedding in order to conserve water and electricity. If you do not need clean towels hanging and if you need new ones then simply leave them on the floor. Or indicate that you want change of sheets according to hotel policies.

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After your trip

Reflect on these environmental tips and how you and the place you've visited have benefited. Apply them at home and consider actively participating in this important effort to protect our planet. Try to apply these green tips and learn more about best practices for the environment.

Protection of biodiversity

One of our main commitments, the protection of biodiversity. Campo Verde is located on a 12-hectare farm, which is within the limits of the Ruta del Malekus-Medio Queso Biological Corridor, belonging to the Arenal-Huetar Norte Conservation Area, in the area of ​​contact with the Arenal Volcano National Park and the Arenal Volcano Emergency Zone Forest Reserve. The biological corridor, the Biosphere Water and Peace network, the networks of the north of the country with the Guanacaste Volcanic Mountain Range and the Depression of the Arenal. The property belonging to the Hotel's estate to the biological corridor, as well as the proximity to the Arenal Volcano National Park, shows the ecological importance of the conservation of the forest cover that the farm has, and that besides a tourist attraction that is As an added value to the customer's hosting experience.

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